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Howdy! My name is Leonardo Losoviz, I'm an award winning freelance developer and consultant, creator of GraphQL by PoP (a CMS-agnostic GraphQL server in PHP) and the open source PoP project (for building applications based on server-side components), regular contributor to Smashing Magazine, the LogRocket blog and Design Bombs, and occasional conference speaker.

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✍️ My latest blog posts

  1. 🔥 Registering a Gutenberg block for a specific Custom Post Type only

    For my GraphQL API for WordPress plugin (to be released soon, yay!), I have created several Custom Post Types, which are elegantly operated through custom Gutenberg blocks. For instance, the GraphiQL block is used to create persisted GraphQL queries: Now,... Read more

  2. 📺 Creating persisted GraphQL queries

    One of the issues with GraphQL is its lack of security: the single endpoint it provides can be accessed by anyone, legit users but also attackers trying to get private data, or attempt to bring the server down by sending complex queries. My upcoming... Read more

  3. 😳 GraphQL directives are underrated

    Not many articles (if any) comparing REST and GraphQL mention directives to be a key differentiator. Yet, I believe that directives are one of the most powerful features in GraphQL, which alone justifies migrating an API from REST to GraphQL. Coming from... Read more

  4. 😎 Adding symlinks in Lando to speed-up development

    My laptop just broke, but I was lucky enough to be lent another laptop to keep working until I can have mine fixed. I didn't want to mess up this computer installing all the software I need to run my development web server (MAMP, MySQL, configuring hosts... Read more

  5. 🎦 Video - Creating custom endpoints with the GraphQL API for WordPress plugin

    The upcoming GraphQL API for WordPress plugin (to be released this May!) allows to create multiple GraphQL endpoints, each of them with a different configuration, as to expose only the require data, add a corresponding access control strategy, set-up... Read more

  6. 👀 Video showing the GraphQL API for WordPress brand-new plugin

    The video for the sneak preview to my upcoming GraphQL API for WordPress plugin (to be released this May!) has been published: The quality of the video uploaded to YouTube is terrible though 😢, the videos are pretty much static. So in the upcoming days... Read more

  7. 📱 Exposing WordPress site data for mobile apps

    Gutenberg can help build better mobile apps (and other apps that need to consume data from our site), since it enables to cleanly identify and extract pieces of data (like images or videos) which can be referenced within the mobile app directly, instead... Read more

  8. 👀 Slides for the sneak preview to the GraphQL API for WordPress brand-new plugin

    I just gave a sneak preview to my upcoming GraphQL API for WordPress plugin for CMS Philly (to be released this May!). I will share the video once it's ready. In the meantime, I share my beautiful slides: Read more

  9. 💯 Generating the schema with independently versioned fields and directives

    A few weeks ago I had added the ability to independently version fields and directives in GraphQL by PoP, by passing the version constraint as a field/directive argument when executing the query. This works well but has a problem: that specific version of... Read more

  10. 🙌 Finally working on the documentation for GraphQL by PoP

    I have finally started working on the documentation site for GraphQL by PoP: https://graphql-by-pop.com This site is powered by VuePress, the Vue-centric static site generator for documentation. And it's soooo beautiful! I'm extremely pleased with the... Read more