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Howdy! My name is Leonardo Losoviz, I'm an award winning freelance developer, creator of the GraphQL API for WordPress (a GraphQL server for WordPress), GraphQL by PoP (a CMS-agnostic GraphQL server in PHP), and PoP (an architecture of server-side components in PHP). I am also a writer, contributing regularly to several online magazines, including CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine, the LogRocket blog and Design Bombs. And I am an occasional conference speaker.

Welcome to my site! Happy reading 😀

✍️ My latest blog posts

  1. 💪 Fancy this GraphQL query? I'm on my way to build it!

    The query is this one, but with no space between { { and } } (I can't write it, or my 11ty site doesn't compile! 🤷🏻‍♂️): mutation { comment(id: 1) { replyToComment(data: data) { id @sendEmail( to: "{ { parentComment.author.email } }", subject: "{ {... Read more

  2. 🤩 Personal milestone - My first GitHub sponsor!

    2 days ago I subscribed to GitHub sponsors to fund my work on the GraphQL API for WordPress, and I already got my first sponsor! Following the example set by Caleb Porzio (who's making more than u$d 100k/y doing open source), I have decided to use the... Read more

  3. 🚀 Adding directives to the schema in code-first GraphQL servers

    I wrote a new article for my series on designing a GraphQL server for the LogRocket block: Adding directives to the schema in code-first GraphQL servers This time, I explore several topics: A strategy to add directives to the schema when there is no SDL... Read more

  4. 🚫 GDPR illegal - Couchsurfing may be keeping your (deleted) photos

    Because Couchsurfing is dead (or, more appropriately, Couchsurfing has been killed), I requested to delete my account from the site. And it's been done: my profile does not exist anymore. But, surprise surprise, they had not deleted my photos! For... Read more

  5. ‼️ Single source of truth => 2 presentations for doc

    Today I released v0.3 for plugin GraphQL API for WordPress, shipping one of the most urgent requests: documentation for the plugin! The plugin now ships 37 modules from 10 categories, distinguished by color: The docs have been implemented as Markdown, and... Read more

  6. 🚀 Executing multiple queries in a single operation in GraphQL

    It's been only 15 days since releasing the GraphQL API for WordPress, and I couldn't help myself, so this week I added yet a new feature: the server can now execute multiple queries in a single operation. This is not query batching. When doing query... Read more

  7. 😎 Using GitHub actions to release a WordPress plugin

    The GraphQL API for WordPress plugin (launched last week) has plenty of PHP dependencies, managed through Composer. These dependencies, which are located under vendor/, are not stored in the GitHub repo, because they do not belong there. However, these... Read more

  8. ❓ Why I built GraphQL API if there was WPGraphQL?

    When announcing the launch of my brand-new GraphQL API plugin for WordPress on Reddit, I got this question: Why build your own when one already , and is developed by a gatsby dev? I reproduce my response here. Why I built GraphQL API when there already... Read more

  9. 🎉 Introducing the GraphQL API for WordPress

    Yesterday I launched the project I've put all my efforts into: the GraphQL API for WordPress, a plugin which enables to retrieve data from a WordPress site using the increasingly popular GraphQL API. I've been developing this plugin full time for most of... Read more

  10. 👨🏻‍🏫 Gutenberg tips for newbies

    Yesterday I had a new article about WordPress Gutenberg published for the LogRocket blog: Essentials for building your first Gutenberg block This article gives a few tips for starting a new Gutenberg project, as I discovered them in my own journey. It's... Read more