I'm glad you're here!

Howdy! My name is Leonardo Losoviz, I'm an award winning freelance developer and consultant, creator of the open source PoP project (for building applications based on server-side components), regular contributor to Smashing Magazine, and occasional conference speaker.

I code, I learn, I share.

I am available for hiring! I specialize in building APIs (I authored an improved version of GraphQL on PHP, which is faster and offers more capabilities than the standard GraphQL), creating sites that run with any CMS or PHP framework and can be deployed on serverless PHP (I authored a component model which is the optimal mechanism to deploy atomic functionality, and which can work with WordPress, Laravel, Symfony and others), and optimizing content management across platforms (I authored a WordPress plugin to tackle this problem).

Happy reading!

✍️ My latest blog posts

  1. 🙌 Finally working on the documentation for GraphQL by PoP

    I have finally started working on the documentation site for GraphQL by PoP: https://graphql-by-pop.com This site is powered by VuePress, the Vue-centric static site generator for documentation. And it's soooo beautiful! I'm extremely pleased with the... Read more

  2. 📦 Added @cache and @traceExecutionTime directives to GraphQL by PoP

    I seem to be in a custom-directive-creation spree for GraphQL by PoP: 2 days ago I added directive @removeIfNull (as to be able to distinguish between null and omission values in the response), and today I created directives @cache and traceExecutionTime.... Read more

  3. 🚀 Added @removeIfNull directive to GraphQL by PoP

    Directives allow to implement those features which are not natively-supported by the GraphQL spec. Then, if any implementor has come up with a compelling way to address a problem, it may be decided to incorporate it into the spec. Being able to difference... Read more

  4. 💯 GraphQL by PoP now supports field/directive-based versioning

    I just added support for another lovely new feature in GraphQL by PoP: the ability to independently version fields and directives, which can then be selected in the query through field/directive arguments. It is similar to how REST supports versioning,... Read more

  5. ⏱️ Merge Composer to speed up development time

    When your PHP project uses the great Composer to manage dependencies, and it links to your own dependencies which are being concurrently developed, and you have the source code for these dependencies in your local drive, then you can speed up development... Read more