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Howdy! My name is Leonardo Losoviz, I'm an award winning freelance developer, creator of the GraphQL API for WordPress (a GraphQL server for WordPress), GraphQL by PoP (a CMS-agnostic GraphQL server in PHP), and PoP (an architecture of server-side components in PHP). I am also a writer, contributing regularly to several online magazines, including CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine, the LogRocket blog and Design Bombs. And I am an occasional conference speaker.

Welcome to my site! Happy reading 😀

✍️ My latest blog posts

  1. 😎 Using GitHub actions to release a WordPress plugin

    The GraphQL API for WordPress plugin (launched last week) has plenty of PHP dependencies, managed through Composer. These dependencies, which are located under vendor/, are not stored in the GitHub repo, because they do not belong there. However, these... Read more

  2. ❓ Why I built GraphQL API if there was WPGraphQL?

    When announcing the launch of my brand-new GraphQL API plugin for WordPress on Reddit, I got this question: Why build your own when one already , and is developed by a gatsby dev? I reproduce my response here. Why I built GraphQL API when there already... Read more

  3. 🎉 Introducing the GraphQL API for WordPress

    Yesterday I launched the project I've put all my efforts into: the GraphQL API for WordPress, a plugin which enables to retrieve data from a WordPress site using the increasingly popular GraphQL API. I've been developing this plugin full time for most of... Read more

  4. 👨🏻‍🏫 Gutenberg tips for newbies

    Yesterday I had a new article about WordPress Gutenberg published for the LogRocket blog: Essentials for building your first Gutenberg block This article gives a few tips for starting a new Gutenberg project, as I discovered them in my own journey. It's... Read more

  5. 😢 My CouchSurfing photos

    Because Couchsurfing is dead, I requested to get all my data from the site, and got the images too. Here they are, the images of some of my travels, when I was young and energetic (I was even smiling in many of those pics!): Read more

  6. 🧱 Setting up your first Gutenberg project

    I started using Gutenberg several months ago, so I'm in that stage of being an experienced newbie. Coming from a PHP background, not much JS, some things were easier to understand and pull off, some others more difficult. I have the impression than most... Read more

  7. 😢 Last glimpses of my CouchSurfing profile, before gone.

    Because Couchsurfing is dead, I requested to get all my data from the site, before having my account deleted. I just got the data: the images are resized down (they don't have the original dimensions I uploaded them with), and the data is a dull .json... Read more

  8. 😵 Couchsurfing is dead

    Bye bye Couchsurfing, you've been good to me, you've hosted me all over Europe and Japan, trips I couldn't have afforded otherwise. I met many friends. I met my wife. Those were good times. But that's no more. Couchsurfing (with a lowercase s) is dead.... Read more

  9. 🤔 Why GraphQL needs to support the union of scalars

    In my latest article on LogRocket, Creating an @export GraphQL directive, I showed the screenshot of a GraphiQL client with red lines over the query argument definitions, which indicate there is an issue going on: Why is this happening? For the... Read more

  10. 🙃 Opening modal windows in the WordPress admin, with/out Gutenberg

    I have recently wrote 2 articles which, in general terms, accomplish the same objective: to show documentation to users of my plugin through a modal window in the WordPress admin. However, they use 2 different strategies: with and without Gutenberg. 🎩... Read more