I'm glad you're here!

Howdy! My name is Leonardo Losoviz, I'm an award winning freelance developer and consultant, creator of the open source PoP project (for building applications based on server-side components), regular contributor to Smashing Magazine, and occasional conference speaker.

I code, I learn, I share.

I am available for hiring! I specialize in building APIs (I authored an improved version of GraphQL on PHP, which is faster and offers more capabilities than the standard GraphQL), creating sites that run with any CMS or PHP framework and can be deployed on serverless PHP (I authored a component model which is the optimal mechanism to deploy atomic functionality, and which can work with WordPress, Laravel, Symfony and others), and optimizing content management across platforms (I authored a WordPress plugin to tackle this problem).

Happy reading!

✍️ My latest blog posts

  1. 🏎 Designing a GraphQL server for optimal performance

    Starting from today, I will be publishing a series of articles for the Log Rocket Blog concerning the conceptualization, design and implementation of a GraphQL server. All these articles describe the foundations of my GraphQL server in PHP, GraphQL by... Read more

  2. 😸 Submitting my first RFCs to the GraphQL spec

    I have just submitted my very first RFCs (Request For Comments) to the GraphQL spec: [RFC] Composable fields [RFC] Composable directives The first one would enable to have fields compose other fields, like this: query { posts { date: if( condition:... Read more

  3. 👏 Types and interfaces in GraphQL by PoP are now namespaced!

    I have just made the types and interfaces in GraphQL by PoP be automatically namespaced! This is how the normal schema looks like in the GraphQL Voyager: This is how it looks in its namespaced version: In the namespaced schema, all types are automatically... Read more

  4. 👁 Visualize the GraphQL-powered WordPress schema!

    I just discovered an awesome new tool to visualize and interact with the application schema: GraphQL Voyager. It enables to have a bird eye's view of the schema, and zoom in into the different types, their properties, and the relationships with other... Read more

  5. 🚀 Updated slides for my GraphQL server in PHP

    I updated my slides introducing my GraphQL server in PHP with all the new developments and features, including how it now complies 100% with the GraphQL spec. Here they are: Read more