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Howdy! My name is Leonardo Losoviz, I am the creator and maintainer of:

👉 GraphQL API for WordPress: a GraphQL server for WordPress
👉 GraphQL by PoP: a CMS-agnostic GraphQL server in PHP
👉 PoP: an architecture of server-side components in PHP

I am also a writer, contributing regularly to several online magazines, including CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine, the LogRocket blog and Design Bombs. And I am an occasional conference speaker.

Welcome to my site! Happy reading 😀

✍️ My latest blog posts

  1. 🚀 Coding in PHP 7.4 and deploying to 7.1 via Rector and GitHub Actions

    I've written a step-by-step guide about transpiling PHP code, from PHP 7.4 to 7.1, when creating a WordPress plugin: Coding in PHP 7.4 and deploying to 7.1 via Rector and GitHub Actions It explains all the hows and whys: Why the target is PHP 7.1 and not... Read more

  2. 🧱 Reusing code in WordPress plugins with blocks

    I've written a new article about Gutenberg (the WordPress editor), exploring: 👉 What is the most effective way to reuse code, within a (single or multi-block) WordPress plugin? The answer is here: Reusing Functionality for WordPress Plugins with Blocks... Read more

  3. 💵 Funding a plugin through sponsorware, how successful is it?

    I've learnt about Caleb Porzio's sponsorware model as a way to fund an open source project. The idea is to release a new feature only to the funders and, once you got X new funders, only then the new feature becomes open source, available to everyone. But... Read more

  4. 🙅🏻‍♀️ How the Jamstack is failing at comments

    A few weeks ago I added this comment in WPTavern, on an article where WordPress founder's Matt Mullenweg clarifies his earlier remarks that the Jamstack is "a regression for the vast majority of the people adopting it". Since I like owing my own... Read more

  5. 🎉 I got my 1st big sponsor for the GraphQL API for WordPress

    My plugin GraphQL API for WordPress just got a new sponsor! This is the second sponsor that I get, and the first one at the u$d 1400/m tier (the other was is at u$d 70/m). This is a huge step forward, since it gives me the economic certainty as to keep... Read more

  6. 📹 Video of my talk @ WPLDN is now on Youtube

    My talk "Intro to the GraphQL API for WordPress" for the WordPress London meetup from last week is now available in Youtube: My presentation starts at 25:37. It is only around 20 min long (15 min presenting + 5 min of Q&A). Please check it... Read more

  7. 💪 Scripting capabilities in non-standard GraphQL server

    Last week I made a proposal to add embeddable fields to GraphQL, but it didn't get a lot of support. I got the feedback that the extra complexity added to the server doesn't justify the benefits of this new feature, as in this comment on Reddit (which I... Read more

  8. 🔑 Justifying "Embeddable Fields" for GraphQL

    This post is my response to this comment on Reddit concerning my proposal to add embeddable fields to GraphQL. If we want to make GraphQL good at transforming data, we need much more than string interpolation. I don't disagree with this, but I don't have... Read more

  9. 📢 Proposal for "Embeddable fields" in GraphQL

    I'd like to make a proposal for a new feature for GraphQL, not to be appended to the official spec, but as an optional feature that GraphQL servers may decide to support (similar to the GraphQL Cursor Connections spec). This post is part of the groundwork... Read more

  10. 📣 Released v0.6 of GraphQL API for WordPress

    I have just released version 0.6 of the GraphQL API for WordPress 🎉. This is a mighty new version, with several new features and improvements: ✅ The GraphiQL Explorer has been added to all the GraphiQL clients, including the public ones ✅ Added support... Read more