🏠 GraphQL API for WP has its first home 👉 graphql-api.com

— 1 minute read

Well, that took time! After several months, I finally launched the site for my plugin GraphQL API for WordPress:


It took so long, because when you're doing everything on your own (which is my case, I don't have a team), you literally need to do everything. So to make this website, I had to learn so many things:

  • Jamstack + Eleventy
  • CSS animations
  • Screencasting

And I even had to design the logo (with help from my wife):

GraphQL API for WordPress logo
GraphQL API for WordPress logo

It looks not bad, right? 😅

And all of that while still developing the plugin, and writing documentation, so that users can start playing with it immediately.

But it's been worth it. I'm very pleased with how it looks. Check this image for instance, added to the homepage:

Click click click click Publish
Click click click click Publish

I believe it's able to convey how powerful the product is, which was my goal all along.

Now, on to the next challenge: how to get people to visit it 🙀