🎤 Speaking

I love attending conferences and local meetups, not only as an attendee but, even more, as a speaker! If I have experience on some topic, and it is of interest to the community, I will try my best to be accepted to a relevant conference and share my knowledge.

If you happen to be a conference organizer, let's work together!

That's me speaking @ JSConf Asia 2019
That's me speaking @ JSConf Asia 2019 (image by JSConf organizers)

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15 things (you didn't know) you can do with GraphQL in WordPress @ WordCamp Malaysia 2023

Will WordPress be Better with the Block Protocol? @ WordSesh 2022 (Online)

Intro to the GraphQL API for WordPress @ WordPress London Meetup, CMS Philly (Online conference)

(Presentation in Youtube video above starts at 25:37)

Introduction to “PoP API”, a new GraphQL server in PHP @ Nomad JS (Online webinar)

“Create Once, Publish Everywhere” with WordPress @ WordCamp Singapore 2019, WordCamp Kuala Lumpur 2019, WordCamp Taipei 2019

Introduction to the Component-based API @ JSConf Asia 2019

Implications of Thinking in Blocks instead of Blobs @ WordPress Singapore Meetup June 2019

The Building Blocks of Progressive Web Apps @ WordPress Buenos Aires Meetup June 2017 & WordCamp Berlin 2017

How to Make a Decentralized WordPress Website @ WordCamp Berlin 2017 May 2017, WordCamp Santander 2016 November 2016, WordCamp Sevilla 2016 September 2016, WordCamp Frankfurt 2016 September 2016, WordPress Meetup Kuala Lumpur April 2017, WordPress Meetup Madrid October 2016, WordPress Meetup Barcelona October 2016, WordPress Meetup Paris October 2016, WordPress Meetup Karlsruhe September 2016 & WordPress Meetup Munich September 2016