‼️ Single source of truth => 2 presentations for doc

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Today I released v0.3 for plugin GraphQL API for WordPress, shipping one of the most urgent requests: documentation for the plugin!

The plugin now ships 37 modules from 10 categories, distinguished by color:

Modules in GraphQL API for WP
Modules in GraphQL API for WP

The docs have been implemented as Markdown, and they are opened when clicking on the View details link below each module:

Opening the doc for a module

Since Markdown can also be viewed directly in the GitHub repo, I implemented a cool feature: the same docs can be viewed within the plugin, or in the repo, from a single source of truth, but with 2 different presentations:

  • Tabs + video embeds in plugin
  • Long page in repo

Check out the doc for Persisted Queries in the repo, and the same doc in the plugin:

Reading doc for module in the plugin

Cool, isn't it? 😎

If you want to find out how it's done, the implementation code is here.