📣 Released v0.6 of GraphQL API for WordPress

— 1 minute read

I have just released version 0.6 of the GraphQL API for WordPress 🎉.

This is a mighty new version, with several new features and improvements:

✅ The GraphiQL Explorer has been added to all the GraphiQL clients, including the public ones
✅ Added support for GitHub Updater, to enable self-updating when there's a new version
✅ The plugin is coded with PHP 7.4, and can run with PHP 7.1
✅ Introduced "embeddable fields", a custom GraphQL query syntax construct to enable templating and improve performance
PHPStan has been upgraded to level 8 (the strictest level), reducing the change of bugs happening
✅ Release notes are displayed within the plugin, after being updated

👉🏽 Read the descriptions in detail in the release notes.

👉🏽 Install the plugin in your site: download gatographql.zip, and in the wp-admin go to Plugins => Add New => Upload Plugin to install it.