👀 Video showing the GraphQL API for WordPress brand-new plugin

— 1 minute read

The video for the sneak preview to my upcoming GraphQL API for WordPress plugin (to be released this May!) has been published:

The quality of the video uploaded to YouTube is terrible though 😢, the videos are pretty much static. So in the upcoming days I'll link to each of the demoed videos, which I've uploaded to this channel in Vimeo. It will be 7 posts for 7 demoed functionalities:

→ Custom Endpoints
→ Persisted Queries
→ Access Control Lists
→ Public/Private Schema
→ HTTP Caching
→ Field Deprecation
→ API Hierarchy

Oh, btw, the plugin will ship with even more features! 🚀

The announcement has been made! The countdown to releasing the plugin has begun 😎