💪 Fancy this GraphQL query? I'm on my way to build it!

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The query is this one, but with no space between { { and } } (I can't write it, or my 11ty site doesn't compile! 🤷🏻‍♂️):

mutation {
comment(id: 1) {
replyToComment(data: data) {
id @sendEmail(
to: "{ { parentComment.author.email } }",
subject: "{ { author.name } } has replied to your comment",
content: "
<p>On { { comment.date(format: \"d/m/Y\") } }, { { author.name } } says:</p>
<blockquote>{ { comment.content } }</blockquote>
<p>Read online: { { comment.url } }</p>

This query demonstrates how sending notifications via Symfony Notifier will be accomplished (for email, Slack and SMS). It makes use of a few pioneering features, still being considered (to more or less extent) for the GraphQL spec:

🔥 Nested mutations
🔥 Embeddable fields (based on composable fields)
🔥 Flat chain syntax

I am working to get the funding to implement them, through my recently launched GitHub sponsors. In total, currently there are 23 features looking for sponsorship:

Features looking for sponsors
Features looking for sponsors

Once implemented, the GraphQL API for WordPress may perfectly be the most forward-looking GraphQL in the market 🙀.

What do you think? Is it worth sponsoring this project? Want to become a sponsor?

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