🔪 Decoupling PoP from WordPress - How it was achieved

— 1 minute read

When some time ago I started modernizing PoP's codebase to using Composer as its foundational framework for package management, I decided to also decouple PoP's codebase from WordPress, making it CMS-agnostic.

Oh boy, that was a lot of work, but sure it was all worth it: PoP can now run pretty much with any PHP-based framework, including Symfony and Laravel!



I have recently published an extensive account of it, split into 2 parts, for Smashing Magazine. If you need to:

👉 Migrate your WordPress PHP code to other platforms

👉 Or re-use your Gutenblock PHP code for Laravel, Drupal

👉 Or make your application code more understandable, dealing only with business logic

👉 Or you are simply interested to know how the abstraction is accomplished

...then check my articles on Smashing: